Self Portrait / Painted on my iPad Air, using ArtRage4

I had a very busy day, today. I was finally able to find a flight to Madrid that didn't include flying all over Europe for three days. Mexico City, Dallas, Madrid. That's what I was looking for. After days of scouring the web and talking to a ticket agent at the airport, I finally got wise and searched out the American Airlines office on Roma in the Zona Rosa shortly before closing. The very helpful agent there tried and tried and tried again until she found the right frequent flyer combination that would get me there in time for the Feria de Abril in Sevilla, one of my main reasons for going to Spain. The Fair begins on Sunday and runs through the eleventh. I hope to be in Sevilla by Monday evening.

I was also able to reserve one of the last remaining rooms for that period. Things are starting to look promising. I didn't know until almost six o'clock this evening whether I would even make it to Spain this year.

After getting my tickets, I walked out onto the street and impulsively turned left down a short, quiet street, then right for half a block and left again on a busy street. I must have turned left again, just mindlessly strolling along when I recognized the entrance to a large mall filled with shops dealing in fine antiques that Thea and I had visited at the beginning of our trip. I walked through several of the shops that we had missed earlier, and took a few photos with my iPhone of various artifacts and religious figures. Out the other side I went, and across the street to walk through the narrow and crowded aisles of the Artesanias market, again out the other side and across the street to my favorite restaurant in Mexico City, the Fonda “El Refugio”, just as it occured to me that I had not eaten all day.

After a satisfying dinner, I caught a cab back to the Bellas Artes and walked around a bit, photographing the end of the day. The entry way of the Palacio de Bellas Artes was bathed in a peculiar purple light as the Angel de la Independencia statue had been as I was leaving the Zona Rosa. I rushed up to the Terrace Cafe in the Sears building and although they were closing, I asked for and received permission to go out and shoot a few photographs.

Today was also bill paying day, and although I am eternally grateful for electronic bill paying, it still takes a fair amount of time.

So when it came time to paint, I didn't have an idea what to do. And I knew that if I started looking for ideas in my research, I could get involved for hours. I glanced up and there in the mirror above the desk was a familiar subject and one that would afford me the opportunity to try painting a face, using my iPad. Or could I have been influenced by my dear friend Gena over at who did a recent self portrait? Of course, she had a prettier, happier looking model.

So there you have it.

¡Hast Mañana!


10 thoughts on “SELF PORTRAIT / Daily Painting #1249

  1. This is the greatest, John. So good to see you! Your hair is short, a surprise.
    Fine portrait.

  2. Like Cheryl I was surprised by the hair, and great painting John. After saying i woudn’t “go there” u got ma again and I downloaded the darn ap! Not showing you anything I’ve come up with yet, but it is fun! Glad you got your flights sorted out; can’t wait for the updates, and thanks for the plug, eh?!

  3. Hi Gena,
    Hmmm, I guess it’s about time to update my Gravatar, eh?
    You bought the app? I think you’re going to love it. Best thing ever for travel.
    Sorry to miss you in New Mexico, but really excited to be returning to Spain.
    Imagine that. Going to New Mexico to warm up, eh? Have a great trip!

  4. Looking at your picture I saw one thing we have in common. Blue eyes. Also shows me you know what you want and works it out to get it. Seeing and listening to all these remarks really makes me realize just how much I have missed in my lifetime by living out here in OK. I know I am going to enjoy what I see you do in Spain. Spain will never be the same. Your great and exemplary skill truly holds a Master’s Degree.

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