Ahhh, at last, a town I think I'm going to like. So far, what I've seen of Campeche looks a lot like I expected Mérida to look. Clean. Wide, flat sidewalks.But with the usual Gringo traps. (Holes, sloping driveways, high curbs, etc.) pastel colored Colonial buildings, an impressive, wedding cake of a Cathedral, and a long Malecón.

My Telcel time ran out while I was in the bus terminal, researching hotels, so I caught a cab to the central plaza and started walking, looking for a telcel office and a hotel. I found a hotel fairly quickly, right on the plaza, but Telcel was another matter.

The locals seem to speak with a strange dialect or a very strong accent. And very rapidly. I was able to get a measly 80 mgs without understanding a thing I was being told or making myself understood at all. Somehow, after being bounced from place to place six or seven times, I finally managed to buy a whole 80 mg. that should last me until I really need it.

A very nice fish dinner with a red molé, followed by a short walk, then back to my room.

Where I discovered my iPhone battery was nearly dead and I can't get either a cellular nor a wifi signal in my room. So I decided to put this post together, then go out to the lobby to post it.

Then I fell asleep.

So, now it's tomorrow, I've had my coffee, and I'm back on the job. Here, then, are some first impressions of Campeche…

I was told in Merida by several people that I would find Campeche mucho ms tranquilo, much more tranquil. Seems they were right.

Across from the main plaza

The Cathedral

The Cathedral in evening attire

Traffic on the main plaza (don't miss the training wheels)

I got this shot of a dog walker after dinner last night, and couldn't resist getting arty with it this morning.

This is the view from the chair from which I am posting this slightly late dispatch, here in the Italian Coffee Company whose wifi works! Yay!.

Now, I'm off to gather more impressions of Campeche, Mexico.

Stay tuned.





    1. Hi Joan, Hadn’t heard from you in a while. Glad you liked the photos. I don,t know about the beach. So far, all I’ve seen is a sea wall along the melacón. I will look into it.

  1. The Cathedral in evening attire is stunningly translucent. Great photos.
    And, we loved the Chick Magnet, oh you “mighty observer of life”.
    Keep ‘um coming.

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